10 Things I Am Thankful For || Top Ten Tuesday

We’ve hit the holidays where people begin to remind themselves of what they’re thankful for. I’ve focused a lot this year on being thankful + grateful for the opportunities that I’ve worked towards. As a young adult, I feel that I have grown immensely in the last 12 months. I finally feel like an adult, which is something that I couldn’t say this time last year.Β  It’s becoming more apparent to me that people figure out ~adulthood~ at their own pace and that social media doesn’t show the truth of life. I am thankful to be figuring out this life with my best friend and our kitkat, Harper. I am thankful for life itself, and all of the bits + pieces that come with it (like books, good food and loving families)

Full Time Employment

Family Time

Curling Up With a Good Book in front of the Fireplace

Good Health (For me, family + friends)


Long Weekends

Hiking Trails and Outdoor Adventures

A Warm Home with Clean Sheets and Hot Showers

Home Cooked Meals

Feeling Like An Adult (FINALLY)

What are you most thankful for this year? Has anything incredible happened to you in the last 12 months that you are grateful and thankful for? Let me know in the comments below!

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